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Who  We  Are?

Soft Transcripts is an EMR Transcription Service , operating 24/7/365. We provide cost-effective Medical Transcription services to Individual Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals throughout the United States since 2009. We have more than 8 years of experience with transcription and technology. We are currently doing a lot of transcription in House Calls, Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings. We capture dictations via Handheld Digital Voice Recorders/iPhone/Android App Dictate+Connect.  


We help Physicians/Nurses complete their daily notes by dictating to us rather than typing themselves into the EMR which takes a lot of their costly time. We save their costly time by typing directly into the appropriate fields of EMR and they can save their time and see more and more patients rather than sitting in front of PC typing.


Our mission is to provide accurate and top-quality Medical Transcription Services to individual medical doctors, clinics, institutions, hospitals, and practices at a competitive price, and deliver in an expedient, professional, and user-friendly manner, using latest Information Technology.

Why SOft Transcripts?

100% guarantee.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction.We provide 100% grantee of quality work.

Quality Over Quantity

Customer statisfaction is our first priority.we always give preference to quality over quality.


HIPAA Compliant

100 % HIPAA compliant

12 Hours Turn Around

We will provide reports within 12 hours.

Core Services


The encrypted voices files are transcribed by our skilled transcriptionists into reports.

quality control

Our Quality Controllers are the most experienced persons of the industry who scrutinize the documents very carefully.


Letterheads are reproduced in the Microsoft Word, which saves for the client costly printed letterheads.


Regular Turn-Around-Time is 12-24 hours, but can vary based on client’s requirement

How it works

Toll Free Transfer Method

For dictation, clients/doctors are provided with toll-free numbers, which can be accessed from any touch-tone phone in USA, or cell phones except Hawaii and Alaska. Client can dial a toll-free number followed by his/her ID and starts recording the dictation. Dictations are transferred to our secure server instantly as soon as client finishes the dictation.

Digital Recorder Method

Digital Voice records with USB ports are also used to facilitate uploading of the files to our secure server, which is a more cost-effective way for the client to have our transcription services. In this method client records dictation in the digital recorder and transfers to our secure FTP site or e-mails us. Client can use one of the above systems or both according to his/her convenience.

FTP Transfer Method

Secure Upload of documents files from the client computer to FTP via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit Encryption.

Transfer via E-Mail

Documents can also be e-mailed to the client by encrypted e-mail attachments.

Transfer via Fax

Documents can also be faxed to the clients at their given numbers.

Soft Transcripts Pricing

Our Transcription Rates are as follows with Turn-Around Time, choose any one of these:


Rates / Minute of Dictation Basis
RATE/LINE (cents)
12 Hours $1.50/Minute
12-24 Hours $1.30/Minute
24-48 Hours $1.20/Minute
Rates / Line Base
RATE/LINE (cents)
12 Hours $0.08/line
12-24 Hours $0.07/line
24-48 Hours $0.065/line

RATE/LINE (cents)
12 Hours $0.09/line
12-24 Hours $0.08/line
24-48 Hours $0.07/line
48-72 Hours $0.065/line

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Soft Transcripts believes that patient/client confidentiality is of utmost importance. All the stations for Transcription and Quality Assurance purposes are without C-Roms and Floppy Drives, and USB ports are disabled, transcriptionists on their systems can only access search engines, nothing more than that. For more than searching and going in details there are two different systems off the network where they can use internet and do extensive searching, hence it makes sure that no voice file or document file is copied or attached. Else, Soft Transcripts Transcription Services is well aware of its professional obligations towards HIPAA. We keep ourselves aware of new rules and regulations issued by HIPAA. Our IT team continuously upgrades our transcription systems, and infrastructure to responsibly manage your valuable healthcare information. We have strict in-house IT security policy to ensure client data confidentiality. Each transcriptionist, quality controller and other support staff has signed confidentiality & nondisclosure agreement to ensure client data security.

Can I dictate over the weekend?

Yes, we have transcriptionists working 7 days a week. The turnaround time also applies to weekend dictations. So thanks to us, there are no “Blank Mondays” for you with overflowing “pending tray”. You are rendered free of the headache of “backlogs” and irritating superfluous work.

Do you have customized templates for letters, SOAP notes and Physicals?

Yes. Simply provide us with samples and we will make templates for them. We even include your letterhead so your letters do not require separate letterhead paper

Do you offer any trials?

We offer a no-risk, no-obligation free trial to new clients. Just contact us.

Is your service HIPAA compliant?

Our service is fully HIPAA compliant.